Family outing: Museums in Quebec for all tastes

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Are you out of breath and stunned by all the winter activities offered in Quebec right now and your family wants to take a moment to have a family outing indoors?

With visitors of all ages in mind, museums are constantly reinventing themselves by offering multimedia exhibitions, hands-on workshops and educational activities that go beyond expectations. Among the many indoor activities offered to young people, museums are among the good first — whether your kids love science, the animal world, the fine arts or history.

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Outputs for scientists in the family

Head in the stars at ASTROLab du Mont-Mégantic

sortie en famille quebec La tête dans les étoiles à l'ASTROLab du Mont-Mégantic

Located in the exceptional setting of the Mont-Mégantic National Park,Astrolab is a centre of astronomy activities dedicated to popularization of science. With the family, you can visit Canada's best-performing observatory, fascinating exhibits and a high-definition multimedia halls. In the evening, look up to the sky of the first international starry sky reserve.

Two public observatories, numerous telescopes and observation instruments allow you to discover the splendours of the universe on your next family outing.

Touch, manipulate, test at the Montreal Science Centre!

sortie en famille montreal Touchez, manipulez, testez au Centre des sciences de Montréal!

At the Montreal Science Centre, there are dynamic, participatory and exciting exhibitions to explore the science and technology that shape our lives! Imagine the future and discover the impact of environmental issues in stimulating spaces where you can touch, manipulate and test with interactive devices.

Enter an imaginative family workshop, a universe of experimentation where your inventiveness is your main tool. Come think, experiment, have fun and experience Fabrik. Take on creative challenges focused on assembling objects of all kinds. Imagine a solution and make your invention from a brac of materials. Everything is possible on your next family outing!

Outing for Artist Families

Life in colour at the Musée des beaux-arts de Sherbrooke

sortie en famille sherbrooke La vie en couleur au Musée des beaux-arts de Sherbrooke

The intensity of the Manifesto Colours reveals itself in the power of interpellation, the transmission of meaning and the symbolism of colour, seen through fifty works from the collection of the Musée des beaux-arts de Sherbrooke.

Whether it's Serge Lemoyne's blue, white and red “supporters”, André Fournelle's poignant carmine red, Peter Krausz's warm orange skies or Armand Vaillancourt's colourful personality, works of different colours, techniques, materials and eras can be found here in relation, without any time constraints. Game of meaning correspondence between the context of production of the works and their current context of reception, colors Manifestes invites you in a dynamic relationship between you and the Museum. A youth itinerary with a fun reading level adapted to the younger ones has been set up for a most enjoyable visit. The whole family will thus be able to enjoy the exhibition.

Exit to the museum for historians in the soul

Pyramids and Pharaohs at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

sortie en famille montreal Pyramides et pharaons au Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal

Presented as a North American premiere at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, this internationally successful exhibition is produced by the British Museum. It proposes a reenactment of the lives of six people who lived along the Nile in an innovative approach to the crossroads of arts and science.

Accompanied by digital imagery and more than 200 objects from ancient Egypt, these face-to-face reveal the portrait of the identity of these people with the utmost respect. Age, beliefs, or medical history: every mummy has a story to tell. Until March 29, 2020, discover Egypt.

Museum for Animal-Loving Families

The Stone Age at the Musée de la civilisation de Montréal

sortie en famille quebec L’âge de pierre au Musée de la civilisation de Montréal

This exhibition, designed and produced by the Museum of Natural History in London, has been adapted by the Musée de la civilisation de Montréal. Saber-toothed tiger skeletons, handwritten page of the Origin of Species of Charles Darwin, cat mummy, these curious treasures are part of the prestigious collections of the London Museum of Natural History.


addition to these 200 exceptional objects, there are some local specimens, such as a beluga skeleton, fossils from the Miguasha Heritage Site, and unique minerals from Mont St-Hilaire. These wonders of natural sciences tell the human adventure of curious characters in the soul, whose story comes to life during the exhibition.

Make vites, the exhibition ends on January 19, 2020.

The outing for curious families

1,2,3... play! at the McCord Museum

sortie en famille musée montreal 1,2,3… Jouez! au Musée McCord

Until March 8, 2020, the McCord Museum in Montreal is making way for gambling with the family exhibition “A toi de jeu!” Boardgames bigger than life, his tenth toy exhibition, presented by Télé Québec. This participatory exhibition immerses visitors in the popular world of board games. Through three playful worlds, let yourself be caught up in the game and take part in a challenging adventure on your next family outing.

Children are invited to choose a pawn and go on a mission to free Yasmine and Sacha, two children propelled into a giant board game! Games of chance, strategy games and challenge games are at the centre of this participatory exhibition, which presents some 180 toys and board games.

This tour is primarily for your children, to give them a taste of culture, to open their minds, and to develop their creativity. So no matter how old your children are, there will be a lot of bet that you will spend memorable moments there!

Have we forgotten about it? Tell us in comments!

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