Break Week: How to prepare properly?

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Break week is much awaited by all students, it's finally time to play and relax from the stress of the school! For parents, on the other hand, this holiday week may give you bad dreams and hives. Your children have a lot of free time and need to be occupied! The key to spending a dream week is really in preparation. If you are well organized with good planning, then the turn is done!

First of all, you have to tell yourself that you are not the only ones on a break. Dozens of school boards will be vacationing with you, so you don't have to be last minute to book activities.

Are we going on an expedition for the break week?

semaine de relâche en plein air

If you're going to drive a little and get out of your area for the break week, then think about accommodation, food, and your little and big adventures. Several hoteliers will offer you a calendar of fun activities directly at the hotel.

You can think of Jaro hotels in Quebec City. Their establishments are recognized for accommodating families with specific facilities. There are rooms furnished with children's beds and baby beds. For the break week, movie theater, treasure hunt, play tunes and much more will be available for the fun of the whole family. The Hotel Pur de Québec also offers a host of activities thanks to its location in the heart of Quebec City!

If you want to combine these ideas with outdoor activities, then in Montérégie we find the beautiful mountain of the city of Bromont. Alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, snowboarding and snowshoe trails are just two minutes from the Domaine Château Bromonthotel. You will also find arcades, inflatable games, magic shows, etc. Everything to keep the family busy and create memorable moments!

semaine de relâche en raquettes

In addition, book a day with the kids at the Granby Zoo , 20 minutes from Bromont. A visit to the zoo in winter allows you to see the majority of summer animals, but your tickets will cost you twice as much. If Bromont seems too far from the Zoo, Hotel St-Christophe de Granby is only a few minutes away!

Most hotels offer on-site dining, but don't hesitate to prepare meals in advance. If you are going for several days, bring a cooler of sandwiches and snacks, bottles of water and juice, chips and homemade desserts will save you and save time. Often you will find a refrigerator in your hotel room, which is very useful for putting your break week provisions in it!

Next, find out if the room includes a microwave oven, as not all establishments offer it. If not, the hotel may rent it for an additional fee. If your accommodation has an indoor pool and whirlpool baths, don't forget the swimsuits and floats for children.

Tip: Whether for a long or short stay, make a list of items to bring in your suitcases. We often tend to use such a list for big trips, but it is useful for just a weekend away.

That you are at home: a week's break at home

Your decision is to stay home? No problem with that! To make your life easier and have a beautiful, hassle-free week, plan your days with the family. Why not have a different theme for each day and thus create your own magical and unforgettable moments.

You could start with a family day. We plan meals for the week, but we need ideas that are out of the ordinary! We can try unknown foods and run blind tests. It's funny and a little scary at the same time! The kids will definitely love and you have less to stress for the upcoming dinners. Keep a few hours just for desserts because of pastries, there's never enough!

semaine de relâche à la maison

Then we organize a day of winter activities. Family hockey, tube sliding, snowshoeing and skating at the arena, we're inspired by what our community has to offer. Municipalities websites usually allow us to be informed about the schedules and locations of all activities scheduled for the break week. Obviously, after a fun day outdoors, you have to finish it with a good hot chocolate at home or at the local chocolate factory!

If this is one of those days in March when the temperature is really bad, then stay inside. Board games competition in sight! We release the classics like Monopoly, Scrabble, Rommy, etc. Everything you like and why not plan to buy a new game and learn it with the family. The winner chooses the film for the next movie night and popcorn !

In short, all the ideas are good: karting, climbing, trampoline, etc. Let the kids help you organize the break week, they will certainly have plenty of ideas that will keep them busy! If you have an activity budget, plan the cost of your outings with the children in the form of games: Ask them to choose according to the budget!

Feel free to browse the suggested activities for the break week that Outgo has prepared for you and share your best moments of your break week!

P.S. Don't forget to keep yourself a moment of rest: we don't call it the break week for nothing!

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