Haunted places to visit in Quebec for Halloween 2020

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Halloween night is the perfect time to watch horror films, but why not get off the beaten track and experience a larger-than-life spooky activity yourself by visiting some of Quebec's many haunted places ! You will live a frightening experience in the company of your loved ones. Discover our Halloween activity ideas today and plan to visit one of the 9 most haunted places in Quebec.

A visit to Château Ramezay in Montreal

Built by the governor of Montreal in 1705, Château Ramezay has today become a museum. The place is said to be inhabited by the specter of a former guardian named O'Leary. According to several testimonies, strange and unexplained phenomena occur there from time to time. Halloween night is the perfect time to experience this haunted Quebec activity!

The Trestler house in Vaudreuil Dorion

This house was built in 1798 by the wealthy merchant Jean-Joseph Trestler. The latter would have disinherited his daughter after learning that she had fallen in love with a simple clerk . The ghost of the young woman is said to wander in the area, occasionally causing harmless paranormal phenomena. This haunted place in Quebec will give you a truly terrifying Halloween activity!

Château Frontenac in Quebec

It's no surprise that charming, historic Quebec City is home to worldly minds. In this magnificent hotel from 1893, you will not only have a breathtaking view of the St. Lawrence River, but you may also find a woman in white in your bed when you wake up suddenly in the middle of the night! This unwanted guest isn't the only one haunting the hotel; a 17th century governor general of New France can also be seen wandering the corridors in period attire . An idea for a Halloween activity in Quebec that will give you the scares thanks to this magnificent haunted place!

Sherbrooke Granada Theater

Even if you don't live in Sherbrooke or its surrounding areas, you have certainly already heard of the Granada Theater, a heritage building and icon of entertainment since 1929. Did you know that this building on Wellington Street North is also known to be haunted! According to legend, a certain Georges, a great opera fan, died during a performance in the 1940s . We do not know the real reasons for his death, but the ghost of Georges is now famous at the Granada Theater. This haunted place in Quebec is an idea for a Halloween activity to give yourself the blues.

The Saint Gabriel inn in Montreal

This is now a fact known to almost everyone. The oldest inn in North America, dating from 1688, has its share of ghosts. Even the employees will tell you that they hesitate to walk alone in the attic at night! The most famous story relates the appearance of a young girl, who died in a fire that ravaged the hotel and who had taken refuge on the top floor. This room contains old pianos and harmoniums, some notes of which were mysteriously heard by inn employees when the room was empty and the lights were off. This haunted place should be put on your list of activity ideas to do this Halloween in Quebec!

The Maison Notre-Dame de la Chesnaie

Not very far from Sainte-Clotilde-de-Horton, there is a building where paranormal phenomena have been seen. The haunted building, whose history begins in 1939, has long belonged to religious communities. Among other things, it served as an institution to teach religious life to men wishing to enter the community. In 1958, three young people died in a fire caused by a cigarette. The trio smoked in secret in a room where several things were stored, such as blankets. Passers-by heard boys praying, and some even saw silhouettes! This haunted place is a Halloween activity that will definitely give you the scares!

The old Assomption courthouse

The old L'Assomption courthouse was built in 1811 and is today one of the oldest buildings in the municipality. During an archaeological excavation in 1990, human bones including a skull were discovered. They date from the beginning of the 20th century and some believe that it could be a soldier who tried to escape conscription during the First World War. Over the years, there have been several strange phenomena in these haunted places in Quebec, such as apparitions or noises. This Halloween activity idea will really scare you to death!

The Robert Giffard Institute of Quebec

Now named the University Institute of Mental Health of Quebec, this psychiatric hospital has had several names, including Asile de Beauport, Quebec Lunatic Asylum, Asylum for the Insane of Quebec, and Asile Saint-Michel-Archange. In January 1875, the establishment fell prey to a violent fire which claimed 26 lives: all women. A wing of the Institute, located in the basement, closed to the public, is said to be haunted. Some say that it still houses equipment for performing lobotomy, a surgical operation consisting of cutting off part of the brain. This practice is now prohibited. Stop by this haunted place in Quebec to experience a good scare during your evening of Halloween activities.

The Simon McTavish grave at the Mont-Royal cemetery in Montreal

Rumor has it that Simon Mctavish, a ruthless 19th century businessman, haunts his tomb located at the top of Mount Royal Cemetery. The tycoon's resting place was buried with the rubble of his house many years ago. Despite this, old, loathsome McTavish has been seen dancing by his grave and even sliding down the hill in his coffin. The story does not say whether he wore a toque! This Halloween activity idea will give you a terrifying experience in this haunted cemetery in Quebec!

The candy box

The candy box: the local idea for home delivery of candy

With delivery throughout Quebec, La Boîte à Bonbons offers you personalized candy boxes to celebrate Halloween with your family. Their mission: Spread happiness one candy at a time. The local company has worked on a box for all candy lovers, to help you discover or re-discover deliciously sweet candies that will take you back to your childhood! This is a good idea for a pleasant Halloween party!

Many places in Quebec have been frequented by spirits, kind or evil, and by curious events of which they have been the scene. Many laugh about it, others are obsessed with it. Regardless, paranormal phenomena flock more often than not around Halloween time. And you? Have you ever witnessed something like this? Tell us your scariest experience in the comments! Happy Halloween everyone!

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