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As a company passionate about experiences , our team works hard to offer you, through a completely online service, gift ideas and ideas for exceptional activities to enjoy with your loved ones. W e aim to offer you exceptional experiences from A to Z. The passion for experience is shared by our employees . So we asked a few employees at our company to weigh in on their best Outgo experience.

The best experience of Claudine, partner account manager at Outgo

Self-catering accommodation Coolbox and Austrian Luge

The best experience of Claudine, Account Manager and Outgo Partner Support Specialist

Claudine, our #1 fan of experiences admits that she had difficulty choosing only one experience among all those she had. She enjoyed them all!

However, she chose to tell us about her experience of Coolbox and Austrian luge as part of the sister's 30th birthday party . Is the Radar Domain on New Year's Eve that she had reserved 3 coolboxes and 1 tiny house last winter, in order to accommodate 8 girls ready for a party weekend. Claudine describes this moment as memorable . “The sledding was great fun!” . They also had a lot of fun discussing and enjoying the laughter around the campfire The evening.

“Everything was perfect!” - Claudine

If you are like Claudine and plan a dream weekend for a loved one , the experience will be back next winter on our website. To not miss anything, you can subscribe using your email address for notifications. You will therefore be notified when it returns to our platform!

The #1 experience of Vanessa, marketing coordinator at Outgo

Duo snowmobile experience

The best experience of Vanessa, marketing coordinator at Outgo

“ Outgo allowed me to have my first snowmobile experience! ”-Vanessa

It was with Stadacona Aventures that Vanessa was able to experience this adrenaline-filled activity . She and her partner traveled a hundred kilometers on a snowmobile, crisscrossing lakes and mountains in a magical winter setting .

The Outgo snowmobile experience , with the possibility of changing drivers and thus controlling the rhythm of their day, was a considerable element in this experience for her. This element allowed him to be more comfortable and enjoy the experience even more.

45 minutes from Quebec City, the Stadacona Aventures team welcomed them warmly with warm clothing and brief training so they were ready to fully enjoy their day without hassle.

“We were able to enjoy nature while parading at high speed! “-Vanessa

A beautiful winter memory for Vanessa and her partner!

A colorful activity for Pier-Yves, general manager at Outgo

Dog sledding

A colorful activity for Pier-Yves, general manager at Outgo

It was at the Duchesnay Tourist Station that Pier-Yves and his partner had the chance to experience a sled ride with the Inukshuk pack , which numbers nearly 200 dogs . Passionate about dogs, they consider themselves lucky to have had contact with the pack so closely. They were even able to get close to the puppies!

“Outdoors, dogs and adrenaline… what more could you ask for! “ - Pier-Yves

Signed Aventure Inukshuk, in Saint-Catherine-de-la-Jacques-Cartier , this Outgo experience is offered to everyone. The minimum age to enjoy this winter activity is 2 years old, making it the perfect experience for a unique family outing. Visit our platform to live the Pier-Yves experience! Local happiness is on Outgo !

The dream experience of Sara, communications coordinator at Outgo

Sailing and overnight stay on a sailboat on the Saguenay Fjord

Sara's favorite experience, communications coordinator at Outgo

For Sara, the new Outgo recruit, there is no shortage of choice! Having only recently joined the team, Sara has not yet had the opportunity to enjoy an Outgo experience. However, she tells us that she would like to take part in an outing signed by Voile Mercator on the Saguenay Fjord, a national marine conservation area .

Voile Mercator offers an exceptional overnight stay on the Fjord , including learning sailing maneuvers with the team on board, and impressive sunsets! The company, located at the Anse St-Jean marina, also offers you a day in the world of sailing during a 3-hour outing on the Fjord. During this activity, you will have the chance to sail on the water accompanied by a captain renowned for his contagious charisma .

These Voile Mercator moments are offered to you from June 15 to September 15. You can book your family memories on our experiences platform !

The favorite outing of Yanik, founder of Outgo

Québec Aventure Tours: Guided Scooter Tour on Île d'Orléans

The favorite outing of Yanik, founder of Outgo

For Yanik, his exceptional experience took place just 15 minutes from Quebec City, with his family. It was on a scooter that they set off to discover the Île d'Orléans and its hidden treasures . To the east of the Island, they were able to enjoy “hot corn, hot dogs and poutine” in a “picturesque” stopover. They were also able to enjoy large, impressive expanses of land.

They took the road again to come across a small village which brought together “antiques dealers, local merchants, magnificent local products and friendly people ! “The family couldn't resist passing by the Chocolaterie de l'Île and was able to enjoy a “breathtaking view of downtown Quebec”.

Yanik tells us that “ it’s all the simplicity of the outing, the kindness of the people, the local products, the good food and the beautiful weather that brings people together ” that made this outing unforgettable memories for him and his family .

Outgo activity offered from May 17 to October 13, you will have 3 hours of scooter riding to enjoy the magical scenery of Île d'Orléans . Memories guaranteed!

Create your unique moment and memories through a wide choice of activities and outings offered by exceptional partners. Create YOUR Outgo experience today ! #outgoexperiences #guaranteedmemories #localhappiness

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