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Outgo is above all a dynamic team motivated by adventure and discovery. Every day, we aspire to give our customers the feeling of happiness and freedom that we experience when living a unique experience.

Outgo is also Émélie, Salma, Marc-Antoine, Claudine, Francis, Olivier, Yanik and all these extraordinary people who help to offer you precious memories! They are kind-hearted people with contagious passion who work tirelessly to make local businesses shine!

Each month discover a favorite company from a member of our team. A local company that changes the world and contributes in its own way to people's well-being. As a bonus, you receive Outgo gifts to encourage you to discover them!

This month, we present to you the favorite of Yanik, founder and CEO of Outgo.

A few words about Yanik

Yanik Guillemette

Dynamic, resilient and creative, I am an entrepreneur at heart who is not afraid! My responsibilities within the company are to contribute to achieving objectives, supporting the team and developing new partnerships.

I am the father of two children and I thrive on adrenaline and challenges! I have about 500 skydives under my belt and I love car racing. To relax, I like cooking, reading (especially anything related to personal development) and cycling.

Yanik’s favorite: GURU Énergie and its delicious organic energy drinks!

What a pleasure to break the ice with my personal favorite, GURU Energy drinks! I must have been 19 when I drank my first GURU. Accustomed to the can, by this time, exotic and brown, with a red bull on a blue and silver label background (you probably know what I'm talking about, haha), my first reaction was like a sort of furrowing of the brow , “umm, it’s not worse”… second sip, “yes, that’s really good!”. Honestly, at 18-19 years old, organic didn't mean much to me. The movement was not yet fashionable, and I sincerely wonder if there was a single vegan person in Quebec! I wasn't too interested in what was in the drink either: as long as it was good and it was local, I was fine with it.

My love for GURU grew little by little. Over the years, I had that feeling you get when you have a PFK rage (if you're like me, you need your fix once in a while). The product was not very well known and it was necessarily an extra effort to obtain it, so when I was lucky enough to find it on the shelves of my favorite tobacco store, it was a match !

Yanik’s favorite: GURU Énergie and its delicious organic energy drinks!

As with everything, I think that taste alone is not enough to develop a real emotion and ultimately, a real connection with the brand. So why do I fall for GURU? It's simple, GURU Énergie is a local company which mainly reaches people who think that "good energy" should not be obtained at the expense of health and who therefore place health and well-being at the heart of their concerns. As a father of two, I see only positive things in their quest to clean up the chemical beverage industry that is so damaging to our health.

What I also really like is that GURU energy drinks are made from plants rich in natural caffeine that do not contain any artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors. In addition to being healthy, natural and delicious, they are preservative-free. Finally, and as if that wasn’t enough, all GURU drinks are 100% organic, vegan and gluten-free – and they taste simply incredible!

With GURU, I really feel like I'm contributing to my goal of living a better, fuller, healthier life. Plus, their brand is really cool! For all these reasons, I decided to introduce GURU drinks to my colleagues at Outgo by offering them a few cases of their new flavors. The team members love them and today, I wanted to share with you the love I have for their products.

Good tasting!

A gift from the Outgo team to discover GURU Energy drinks

As part of our Team Favorites series, get GURU organic energy plant-based drinks and receive a $25 Outgo virtual gift card as a bonus !

You read correctly! Because good energy is shared and is contagious, but above all, because GURU products have a simply exquisite taste, Outgo helps to offer you a dose of good energy!

To benefit from the offer, it’s simple! Complete an order for GURU products , write to us and our team will send you your $25 gift card by email!



You can request your promotional virtual gift card between May 13, 2022 and June 23, 2023. To be eligible for a promotional virtual gift card, you must purchase your GURU products online only, via the exclusive link , between May 13 2022 and June 23, 2023 (the “Promotion Period”). Once your purchase is complete, go to Outgo Support to send us the following information: the invoice for your GURU purchase as well as your name, email address and telephone number (your “contact details”). The promotional $25 virtual gift card will be sent to your email address the day the eligible transaction is validated by our systems. This offer is exclusive to Outgo and does not entitle you to a discount or price reduction on GURU products. The minimum eligible amount ($25) can be reached by purchasing one or more GURU products in the same transaction. Limit one promotional gift card per person per qualifying purchase. Non-exchangeable, non-returnable, non-refundable. Cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion. A maximum of 5,000 promotional virtual gift cards of $25 each will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. The $25 promotional gift card is valid for one year.

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