Unusual activities to do in Quebec

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It is often said that the important thing is to move, no matter how you do it. Luckily, with the array of activities offered today, it is now very easy to find one to our liking. For those who love novelty, there is a whole selection of activities that could be described as a little more unusual; here are 6 to discover without delay!

Yoga Fitness lessons on Paddle Board in the pool

Cours de Yoga Fitness sur Paddle Board en piscine

Whether you call it paddle board, SUP, paddle board or stand-up paddle, Echo Aloha SUP, located in Saint-Jérôme, is THE reference in the Laurentians! SUP Yoga and SUP Fitness require no paddle board or yogaexperience; just a desire to have fun, be on the water and enjoy a new pool experience. Courses are available year-round and will amaze you!

A Chat-leureux welcome at Café Félin Ma Langue aux Chats

Un accueil Chat-leureux au Café Félin Ma Langue Aux Chats

Café Félin Ma Langue Aux Chats is a small café on Rue Saint-Paul in Quebec City hosting eight breed cats with a decor designed for the need of this beautiful community feline: walkways, cushions, small cozy beds, cabins perched in the air and transformed skateboard for cats stuffed with fur.

These breed cats are the stars of coffee; they accept to be caressed, but not to be disturbed. If you have a small dip, a simple menu with beautiful presentations is available to you. A good time in a playful setting to play a few board games while watching the beautiful beasts around you.

Be a prisoner for a day at the Morrin Center

Soyez prisonnier d’un jour au Morrin Center

More than 200 years old, the Morrin Center in Québec is home to one of the most beautiful libraries in Canada! Originally, in 1812, it wasone of the first prisons in Quebec. Even today, it is possible to see the old cells as well as the rings used to chain the detainees.

However, in 1862 until 1902, the Morrin Center changed its vocation to become the first academic institution of the English language in Quebec, at which time a magnificent Victorian library was born. His collection of books is masterful and full of works from time to time.

The unusual of the Morrin Center lies not only in the history of its places, but also in one of its activities: becoming a prisoner for a day! Do you have the nerves strong enough?

A soccer game by like the others with Montreal Bubble Ball

Une partie de soccer par comme les autres avec Montréal Bubble Ball

Montreal Bubble Ball is one of the first companies to establish themselves in the field of Soccer Bulle events in Montreal. On the menu: memorable experiences and unforgettable moments with their creative and stimulating games.

Montreal Bubble Ball is pleased to introduce you to a fun, safe and exciting new way to play extreme soccer as a new sport. We guarantee you laughs when your friends roll or get knocked over! What are you waiting for? Gather your friends today and start this epic Soccer Bubble game!

Your dream will come true with AquaSirene

Votre rêve deviendra réalité avec AquaSirène

Who has never dreamed of waving elegantly in the water like a mermaid? This is now possible thanks to AquaSirene based in Montreal: the largest mermaid swimming school in the world! Put on a mermaid tail and come and experience this unique and unforgettable experience which, you know, is a complete sporting activity.

You will have the opportunity to take an introductory course of one hour in order to learn the techniques of swimming specific to this mythical being! The activity is open to swimmers aged 7 years and older. Whether it's for a birthday party, a bachelorette party or just an activity with friends, you'll have crazy laughter guaranteed!

Montreal Helicopter Tour with Helicraft

Tour d'hélicoptère sur Montréal avec Hélicraft

Hélicraft was the first helicopter flying school created in Quebec. It is located at Saint-Hubert Airport, Montreal. Since 1969, this company has trained more than 1500 pilots and offers a variety of training types: Commercial, Private, European and License Conversion.

In addition, they will respond to all requests for helicopter services such as passenger transportation, aerial photography and aerial work. The dynamic and professional team guarantees you a quality service and will be pleased to welcome you 7 days a week.

Finally, it's true that trying out new activities to get out of your comfort zone can be highly enjoyable. Hoping that we have given you some ideas for original activities to do in Quebec, either for your next vacation or to deviate a bit from what you already know. We invite you to also share your unusual places to visit in the comment section. Looking forward to reading you!

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