7 Halloween activities to discover!

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It's almost Halloween! Whether you're hungry for treats or looking for thrilling Halloween activities , it's still the perfect opportunity to have fun. Autumn will soon reach its peak! Have you taken the time to do a fall activity ?

For our part, we thought we would offer you some experiences to mark Halloween , here are 7 activities to discover with family or friends!

Survive the apocalypse or aliens

Halloween activities in Quebec

Cabinet Mysteriis stands out in the escape game industry for the quality of its customer experience, its puzzles and thanks to the presence of its facilitators during the visit to their board. They have received many awards for the quality of their experience, so you should definitely try the escape game. The worlds are truly magnificent and intoxicating . This year for Halloween, immerse yourself in one of the total immersion escape games where you experience the impossible!

Learn all about nightlife in Quebec

Halloween night activities in Quebec

To the rhythm of a cinematic story , let yourself be transported into a time bubble where times and places evolve chronologically. Stroll under the vaults of the 18th century Île Palace to relive 100 years of nightlife in Quebec with an immersive indoor exhibition of L'île des Palais. To end the exhibition, experience the outdoor phone tour Nightlife in Quebec. This is a great Halloween activity!

Experience the escape game in a fantastic universe

Halloween escape game activities

Whether it's to free your friends from the evil witches of the Order of Balthazar, to fight Vikings who dominate the world, to recover the dragon's egg to save the planet from an attack by garden gnomes, you will experience a moment unique with your loved ones. Whether with friends or for Halloween with family , try this uniquely themed escape game from SOS Adventures in St-Jérôme or Quebec !

Face zombies with Zero Latency

3D reality as a Halloween activity

At Zero Latency , treat yourself to an extraordinary activity in virtual reality . During this experience, you will be transported to a whole other world. Together you will fight enemies and develop strategies to win the game. Zero Latency equipment is among the most advanced in the field . For Halloween, this is an ideal activity for real immersion in a life-size fictional universe.

Solve the Challenge-Escape puzzles

Escape game as Halloween activities

Having gained popularity in recent years, Défi-Évasion's escape games no longer even need an introduction! In a group of up to 6 people, put all your brains together to find a way to escape from a themed room in less than 60 minutes . You will have to solve a series of puzzles as a team. A real work of reflection and collaboration! The varied themes will satisfy all types of players. A perfect Halloween activity to go out with friends!

Spend a weekend in a period village

Halloween activities in a vintage village

Travel back in time to the heart of the historic village of Val-Jalbert . You will stay in the heart of the authentic business village which vibrates to the rhythm of the 1920s. All for total and extraordinary immersion. In the evening, you can admire the illuminated waterfall and enjoy a 4-course table d'hôte at the Moulin restaurant. Furthermore, during Halloween activities, we encourage you to dress up as people dressed back in the day. Treat yourself to a totally immersive experience in the historic village of Val-Jalbert .

Brainstorm thrilling puzzles

Halloween themed escape game

At Immersia , everything is organized so that you can experience a complete and unique immersion. You will rack your brains to solve their puzzles in their unique and exclusive scenarios . The scenarios will take you through several universes such as the Grand Immersia Hotel, The Weekend at the Chalet, The Circus of Lost Souls, The Salutem Medicina Institute and more. If you are in the area of ​​Laval or Boisbriand , get out of your routine and go try one of their thrilling experiences !

In short, make the fun last this fall by treating yourself to an incredible experience. For Halloween, these amazing and fun activities will make you happy!

So, in addition to giving out treats this year, how about taking the opportunity to live an extraordinary Outgo experience?

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