Team Building: 5 perfect activity ideas for the office

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Nearly 75% of employers believe that collaboration and teamwork are essential to the success of their business. Only 18% of employers find a way to assess these aspects in performance reviews. It is here that the activities of Team Building find their importance.

What is Team Building ? It is a set of activities that enhance social interactions, define roles and work as a team. To help you get the most out of your employees, Outgo is now offering its top 5 of the best Team Buildingactivities to do in Quebec!

Vineyard Challenge by TeamBonding

team building Défi du vignoble par TeamBonding

The Winery Team Challenge of the American company TeamBonding , is the ideal exercise for all your oenophiles colleagues! In addition to a section on participants' general knowledge of the world of wines, each team will have the challenge of creating and marketing their own sangria!

Logo creation, commercial pitch, jingles, all means are allowed to convince the judge appointed that your team has the best sangria! In addition to having a good time with your employees, it's the perfect exercise to observe the marketing and leadership skills within your company.

Although Teambondinghas its origins south of the border, the team travels to Quebec to organize your event. If you ever wanted to organize the activity yourself, Teambonding still offers the resources to support you remotely. In sum, it is the ideal activity to discover the entrepreneurial fiber of your colleagues!

A private room rental and Laser Tag

team building Une location d’une salle privée et Laser Tag

Boulzeyeis the ultimate after-hourand entertainment centre in Montreal. The bowling alley, billiard lounge and Laser-Tag pitch; your employees will have something for everyone. However, it is on the Laser-Tag field where you can develop your building team. Coordinating your team, communicating and demonstrating leadership are all important features, both within your company and on the Laser-Tag field.

In addition to renting a private room that can accommodate 200 people, get $700 in consumption and attraction in addition to the personal bar service and a dance floor. No doubt each of your employees will find shoes at their feet!

If you are not in the greater Montreal area, Aventure Laser offers its services in Quebec City. Able to accommodate smaller groups, Aventure Laser is supervised outdoor Laser-Tag matches , directly in the forest. Accessible to everyone, the company adapts the level of missions to be carried out with your team so that everyone can participate and have fun.

A rafting and barbecue descent with Expeditions Nouvelle Vague

team building Une descente en rafting et barbecue avec Expéditions Nouvelle Vague

Only 35 minutes from downtown Quebec City, Expeditions Nouvelle Vague offers you the chance to descend the rapids of the Jacques-Cartier River! Accompanied by an experienced guide, go on an adventure with your colleagues and enjoy the summer! In addition to being good for the morale of your team, rafting is an excellent team-building activity. The rafters are constantly required to communicate and help each other in order to complete the descent. The perfect expedition to tighten the ties of your troops!

In addition to rafting, Expeditions Nouvelle Vague also offers insulated clothing to keep you warm as well as snacks. To top it off, a succulent barbecue is offered on a terrace overlooking the river. Unquestionably the group activity that everyone will remember for a long time!

Cardboard Boat Building Challenge

Although the challenge itself may seem far-fetched, it is nonetheless fun and informative! The Cardboard Boat Building Challenge, is an idea developed by Outback Team Building & Training , the leader in the activity of team building and corporate expeditions in North America. The idea? Build teams, build a ship with old cardboard boxes and run against your colleagues!

In addition to bringing the sun to all your employees, this activity is ideal as a communication, coordination, creativity and leadership exercise. The final race also brings out the competitive side with friends in a healthy and cheerful setting.

In addition to the animation of the on-site event, Outback Team Building & Training offers all the necessary equipment for a wonderful sunny day at the office.

Escape from a thematic room at Défi-Évasion

team building S’évader d’une salle thématique chez Défi-Évasion

Défi-Évasionis the essential part of Team-Building activities. Collaborating with your colleagues and brainstorming will be more than essential to a successful escape! As a team of 6, you will have to escape from a room by deciphering the clues and puzzles found there. You will have 60 minutes, top time! Will you be able to get there

In addition to the escape, the package includes a team photobooth session to remind you of your victory (or defeat). An original idea that will bring out the best of your colleagues!

What are you doing to strengthen relationships within your team? Share your best suggestions for Team Building activities with feedback!

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