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All marketing consultants will tell you: it's not enough to be on the web to be known! An efficient web strategy adapted to your needs is necessary. Here you will find valuable advice for getting started on the web.

Many businesses blindly establish themselves on the web. They invest thousands of dollars on a web page to increase their visibility and sales . The idea is not bad. On the contrary!

These days, a website is almost essential to running a small business . However, a competitive environment like the web requires additional efforts to increase sales . It all starts with a diversified web strategy!

Establish a diversified web strategy

When it comes to displaying yourself online and selling online , there are different ways available to you, such as:

  • Website;
  • Social networks (e.g.: Facebook, Instagram, etc.);
  • Online sales platform (e.g.: Outgo);
  • Google My Business;
  • Networking.

However, these means are not mutually exclusive. Having a lot of traffic through your social media doesn't mean you don't need other channels. Indeed, a smart company will multiply acquisition channels .

On the web, the competition is strong. An SME must confront large companies that benefit from great visibility! This is normal: these companies are well established and they already attract a lot of traffic ! An SME therefore needs to give itself a boost in visibility.

Establish a diversified web strategy

You must first make sure you are present on the platforms within your reach. A page on different social networks , a Google My Business account and a website are a great place to start. Also make sure to improve the natural referencing of your website .

Once you have a minimum web presence, identify your other possibilities. Online sales platforms such as Outgo are excellent sales channels. They allow you to reach a wider clientele and benefit from their notoriety !

Coordinate your platforms

By coordinating your platforms, you will be present on the web everywhere at once. Have you written an article for your website? Share it on your social media and on Google My Business!

Coordinate your platforms

One of the many benefits of being everywhere online is being able to link your various “online establishments” together.

For example, you are present on your website, on Facebook, on Instagram, but, in addition, you offer experiences on Outgo. In total, you have four entrance doors for your customers.

The message is clear for a search engine like Google: you are a serious and credible company! You are now displayed for a hundred queries related to your domain !

But don't stop there, there are many ways to get more visibility on the web .


What does networking do in a web strategy? Networking helps attract traffic to your website. Share your content or offers, present your company and your products. In short, prove your worth to your network. When people believe in your product as much as you do, they are more likely to share or promote your content!


Networking also means creating business opportunities and links to your site ! The great virtue of professional networks is the creation of opportunities. Bring networking into your web marketing arsenal! You will thus benefit from the credibility and visibility offered by your different channels to reach potential business partners.

Make your social networks work

Social networks have become essential in the last decade. No wonder: they allow a direct link with your customers! But how to include social networks in your web strategy?

Make your social networks work

When you publish articles or show new offers, share them on your social networks. This also allows you to quickly generate traffic to a new page (Google loves popular pages!). It's a simple and inexpensive way to promote your content and offers!

However, don’t limit yourself to just marketing content ! Social networks also require a suitable strategy, otherwise your subscribers will not interact with your content. Be sure to share interesting and personalized content on your social media!

With a diversified web strategy , you will have a high-performance marketing machine. It's not enough to be present on the web: be active and proactive. Remember that the web is a competitive environment. So, don't wait for people to talk about you: create your opportunities by displaying yourself on as many platforms as possible.

There are many other ways to increase your web awareness. Newsletter strategies help build customer loyalty . Others invest in advertising on Facebook or other platforms. The important thing is to know how to coordinate everything in order to maximize efficiency!

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