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New corporate service: how to highlight the work of your employees

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According to the Order of Certified Human Resources Advisors, 85% of companies investing up to 1% of payroll to recognize the work of their employees notice a positive impact on employee engagement .

With the shift to teleworking, companies are looking for new methods to reward their employees . Without the espresso machine or pizza Fridays, they are turning to innovative solutions. This desire to reward their staff follows very specific objectives: increasing employee commitment to the company and promoting productivity at work . To achieve these objectives, the Outgo corporate service is the turnkey solution.

A digital alternative to corporate activities

A digital alternative to corporate activities

The corporate service emerged as a solution to the cancellation of Christmas evenings and corporate meetings during the pandemic. Looking for an innovative, simple, effective solution that respects health measures , companies like Jean Coutu, Desjardins Financial Security, BMR and the Fonds de solidarité FTQ turned to Outgo. With the pandemic, our 100% online services are indeed ideal for offering corporate gifts.

Motivated by the idea of ​​creating a digital alternative to corporate activities , the Outgo team quickly set up a new corporate service. In record time, she created and integrated a turnkey digital service adapted to the needs of businesses into the Outgo website !

As an emerging company, Outgo is constantly working to grow and improve its services . The big winners, however, are our Quebec customers , who are consumers, experience partners and corporate partners. With our corporate service, we are proud to offer a complete local recreational tourism service .

Services appreciated by our corporate partners

Services appreciated by our corporate partners

The simplicity of Outgo's corporate service and the support for online gift card distribution make everyone happy. With its simple and fast process , our turnkey service meets the needs of our business partners.

Our corporate partners and their employees appreciate the originality and variety of Outgo experiences . The unique and exclusive offers in our catalog come from Quebec companies across the province! With experiences for all tastes , all occasions and in all regions of Quebec, the success of our corporate gifts is obvious!

Outgo takes great care of its partners . Whether on the experience side or the corporate side, we assign a member of our team to each in order to offer personalized assistance. The quality of our customer service is a recurring element in the comments received from companies doing business with us. Thanks to our good listening, we were able to better serve our customers by creating the corporate service .

A profitable corporate service for our partners

A profitable corporate service for our experience partners

Corporate service brings many customers to Outgo partners . In 2020, an agreement with Jean Coutu Group made it possible to reward nearly 3,000 experience lovers with an Outgo gift card . This means 3,000 new Outgo customers did business with local companies .

The involvement and creativity of the Outgo team made it possible to establish this partnership. To reinvent our gift card service , the team had to develop technological tools allowing the simultaneous and mass sending of gift cards.

The new corporate service allows Outgo to offer 3 complementary services. It also represents considerable novelty for our experience partners. Between March and October 2020, this accessible corporate service generated 12 times more sales of experiences , all from local merchants! This new channel for acquiring packages therefore reaps considerable profits which are given directly to our experience partners .

The advantages of our corporate service

The advantages of our corporate service

To highlight the work of your employees , our corporate service offers you two options. You have the choice between the digital gift card , delivered by email, and the classic gift box , delivered to your home or office. In both cases, this personalized corporate gift allows your staff to choose the experience they prefer (activity, package, getaway, etc.).

The digital gift card

The virtual gift card allows you to write a personalized thank you and add your company logo , your signature and a banner. You decide the amount of the gift card and send them to your employees simultaneously.

The classic gift box

The classic gift box allows you to offer your corporate gift directly to your employees' doormat. This personalized box with your company logo contains an Outgo gift card of which you choose the amount. The box will be delivered directly to your employees' homes or your place of business.

Outgo gift cards are unique! Giving an Outgo gift card means offering the choice among hundreds of local experiences . Our gift cards do not expire and our experiences are available at all times . Your staff decides when they want to take advantage of their corporate gift!

Local products available throughout Quebec

Local products available throughout Quebec

All our partners are Quebec companies offering original services throughout the province. From strong emotions to relaxing activities, there is something for everyone . Our catalog is full of experiences to discover : gastronomy, family or couple activities, getaways, gift boxes, treatments and relaxation, and more!

Would you like to know more about our corporate experience? Our corporate guide presents all the information regarding our corporate offer.

Is employee recognition important to your business? Do you want to thank your team? Take advantage of our corporate service today .

How does your company recognize the efforts of its staff? Let us know in the comments!

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