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Buying locally has become more important in recent years. Faced with the rise of web giants and the omnipresence of large American chains, local products have become an economic bulwark protecting Quebec businesses.

Much more than a trend, buying local today embodies a very widespread social value ! In fact, more and more Quebec consumers are looking away from products made abroad, favoring local merchants instead.

This trend has even increased with the pandemic. With the massive closures of local businesses , consumers have taken it upon themselves to encourage local shopping . As a Quebec company, we also believe that we must support our economy by stimulating local purchasing.

Why encourage local purchasing?

Why encourage local purchasing?

1. Encourage local merchants

Of course, buying local encourages local merchants . These companies guarantee jobs and services in our community. By opting for local products, you help keep these businesses in place. You will benefit local businesses rather than large organizations located in a foreign country. The impact of buying local, however, is much more than economic!

2. Contribute to our community

When we ask people what motivates them to buy local , we often hear about social conscience . It’s clear, when we support a local merchant, we are certain that our purchase contributes to our community! By contributing to the local economy, you also have the certainty of acquiring a property designed here with our high quality standards . And that's not all!

3. Benefit from privileged contact

Local companies often allow direct contact with the owners . We can therefore count on a warm welcome from people who are passionate and proud of their business. The service offered is then personalized and flexible. Obtaining this kind of service is impossible at large chain stores!

4. Protect the planet

Finally, buying local is all the more ecological as it requires much less transport. When you order items from overseas, the products are made in faraway factories with unknown standards. Your purchases must then be transported thousands of kilometers before reaching you! By buying local, you greatly reduce the distance between you and the place of manufacture of your purchases! You are also certain to receive goods manufactured with our ecological standards . Great, right?

Is giving a local gift better?

Is giving a local gift better?

By offering a local gift , you are sure to send a clear message about your values! You will demonstrate social awareness while contributing to the local economy . Your gift will also be much more representative since it will have this added value!

You know that a recognition gift must reflect your values ​​and those of your employees. A local gift as a gift to your employees is the guarantee of offering the best of your company. You will offer happiness to your staff while having the certainty of supporting other Quebec businesses.

How does Outgo help encourage local?

How does Outgo help encourage local?

Outgo has always supported buying local! We collaborate exclusively with local companies to build a catalog of experiences offered in Quebec. Thus, we offer SMEs a quality platform for online sales. But Outgo's efforts don't stop there!

We collaborate exclusively with local companies to build a catalog of experiences offered in Quebec.

Many local initiatives have been launched by Outgo to support Quebec businesses! During the pandemic, Outgo rolled up its sleeves to support businesses in difficulty with the Support our local merchants campaign. Among other things, Outgo collaborated with Village Montréal to help Village merchants get through the pandemic.

This year, Outgo has decided to affiliate with Je PENSE local, an initiative aimed at promoting local purchasing ahead of Black Friday. During this event, Outgo decided to offer a discount on all experiences from its own pocket in order to stimulate local purchasing!

Opt for local online shopping!

Opt for local online purchasing!

When we talk about local purchasing, we often forget about e-commerce. However, many Quebec companies have an online sales platform! Rather than encouraging American web giants, visit Quebec online sales sites and benefit the local economy!

You will also benefit from delivery times! In fact, online sales giants are already talking about overflow when the holidays arrive. Buying locally thus becomes a winning solution to avoid exasperating delays.

Whether for your loved ones, your employees or for yourself, a local gift remains the best choice for a successful gift! With Outgo, you have the certainty of doing business with Quebec companies. This year, make buying local a key value in your gifts!

How do you encourage local purchasing? Let us know in the comments!

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