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The return to work began this morning for hundreds of businesses in Quebec. For some, the return to work will not take place until next Monday, January 11, 2021. In any case, after a different holiday season where it will have been impossible to get together with family and friends , employee motivation may be lower than usual . Here is a list of ideas to improve the productivity of your employees when returning to work in 2021.

Improve employee productivity with weekly team meetings

Improve employee productivity with weekly team meetings

As soon as you return to work, plan a brief team meeting, whether physical or virtual, to check in on your employees and tell them the 2021 objectives for your company. Sharing the strategic objectives for the next year with your employees can go a long way in improving your employee productivity.

Share your goals with them: What do you want to achieve this year? What changes will be made within the company? Which prospects should your sales team focus on? What are the key elements to correct within the company in order to promote collaboration between employees and different departments? What were the good things from your year 2020 that you want to see again in 2021?

The first team meeting of your 2021 year will definitely set the table for subsequent meetings. Holding work meetings on a weekly basis ensures a good understanding of objectives , progress and deadlines by employees. In addition to helping the motivation and productivity of your teams, meetings between colleagues also help consolidate interpersonal relationships in order to create links between employees as well as improve the feeling of belonging that they have. towards your business.

Contribute to the productivity of your teams thanks to well-defined business objectives

Contribute to the productivity of your teams through well-defined business objectives

In the literature, a good objective is identified as such when it meets the SMART criteria . This 5-letter acronym will allow you to improve and clarify your annual company objectives in addition to helping to communicate them to your employees. The clearer and more precise an objective is, the easier it is to make it understood and adopted by your work teams. Here is the definition of the acronym SMART to help you determine your goals for the coming year.

S for Specific

An objective must be linked to a specific achievement. When an objective has several achievements, it must be revised and divided into several objectives. Determining your goals in specific ways will not only help you evaluate performance and achievement, but will also help employees fully understand your strategic expectations for the coming year.

M for Measurable

An objective must be measurable, that is to say it must be linked to a result indicator. How will you determine whether or not your goal has been achieved? To do this, you need to first determine what the result indicator will be. This could be a number, such as the amount of sales, the number of new customers, the number of hours allocated to the objective (for productivity objectives, in particular), etc.

The result indicator could also be a percentage such as the usage rate of a new platform, the success rate of achievements, the satisfaction rate of your customers, etc. The results indicator could also be a status report such as the completion of a project, the closure of a contract, the completion of training, etc. The important thing is to choose a result indicator that will allow you to really define whether the objective has been achieved or not.

A for Achievable

Setting goals is one thing, setting achievable goals is another. What will be the different steps to take to achieve this objective? Setting a goal is not like establishing a long-term vision. Defining an objective requires strategic thinking and must result in reasoned and realistic planning for the pursuit of this objective.

R for Realistic

To define an objective, it is important that your company takes into account the different constraints . Achieving your goal must be realistic in time, must be realistic in terms of manpower, and must be attainable for your business based on your financial resources.

T for Temporal

In order to define specific, measurable, achievable and realistic objectives, you must necessarily establish a time reference in order to be able to evaluate the success or otherwise of your objectives. This can be a deadline in terms of the number of hours worked , it can be a fixed date or it can be a multi-stage schedule as is often used in project management.

Motivate your employees through Team Building activities

Motivate your employees through Team Building activities

Team Building is an increasingly popular concept in Quebec businesses. The feeling of belonging and collaboration between employees generally improves when a company decides to invest a few dollars in Team Building activities. Find an activity that fits your budget and your needs and see for yourself the positive effects of such a practice on the productivity of your employees!

Employee productivity is intrinsically linked to employee motivation. Plan your 2021 by taking into consideration the sense of belonging your employees have towards your company. Work on your business goals and plan team building activities to help you achieve your goals. And you, are you ready to return to work?

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