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For many business owners, the perception of what a typical Christmas office party implies is not totally positive. Powered by a mixture of alcohol and stress removal at work, relaxed inhibitions can create circumstances that fuel flames and unwanted rumors, as well as office gossip.

However, this vision is incredibly short-sighted. On the one hand, this totally negates the benefits that a Christmas party in the office presents in terms of employee motivation. Office parties offer the opportunity to reward and engage in employee dialogue, thereby boosting morale.

If you've been tasked with planning your annual office party for your business, your goal should be to get the most out of your event while keeping costs under control. By carefully evaluating the best way to approach and run this party, you can create an experience that not only boosts corporate morale, but also employee satisfaction and retention levels.

Office party driving guide: a must!

party de bureau noel Guide de conduite du party de bureau: un must!

Whether it's dubious dance movement, excessive drinking or flirting with a colleague, the Christmas party in the office can often have more serious consequences than a hangover. With the holiday season in full swing, it's a good idea to define the specific basic rules in an office-wide memo beforehand .

The label errors to avoid during your event include: avoiding too much drinking, eating, complaining, arriving too early or leaving too late, wearing inappropriate clothing and taking too many diners — all of this can not only affect the experiences of others, but also be accompanied by a fee unexpected for your company.

Even if a company's office party aims to bring together the team and reduce workplace inhibitions, remind your guests that they still represent your company, even when attending this after-work event, and are therefore expected to behave in a way that suits their workplace.

Who to invite to your Christmas office party?

party de bureau noel Qui inviter à votre party de bureau de Noël?

If you change your guest list by inviting only staff to invite staff members and their families to the Christmas party, people'sexpectations and behaviours will also change. On the one hand, alcohol consumption will decrease, and as additional bonuses more people will be present because they will not have to break their heads to find a caretaker. Festivals based on activities are especially useful for this. People of all ages can, for example, skate or play bowling.

Instead of hosting a staff-only Christmas party, expand your guest list to include extended family, friends, neighbours and business partners. Mixing your guest list makes your party more interesting for participants, as they will have the opportunity to meet new people and will be less likely to be trapped in endless discussions.

Create a friendly work report in the office

party de bureau noel Créez un rapport de travail amical au bureau

By creating an environment that encourages the removal of workplace stress and inhibitions, this event can help employees interact with colleagues and superiors as individuals and not just as colleagues. This element is essential to establish a working relationship that transcends the simple professional to become more friendly. Of course, not all employees will agree, but if a team dynamics of personal and professional relationships can be created, it can have significant benefits for long-term productivity.

Employees who have developed the type of relationships based on personal interactions that Christmas parties encourage,are much more likely to work better as a team , if necessary. For example, by developing personal understanding and empathy towards each other, employees tend to share the workload when pressing situations require it and to approach tasks as a team rather than as a group.

Aim for a return on your investment

party de bureau noel Visez un retour sur votre investissement

The end result is what drives the decisions of all companies, regardless of their size. By having the motivating properties evaluated in this article, your Christmas party is clearly not a high return on investment activity, but can bring about human resources. However, when times are hard and costs are reduced, the budget for social activities at the breasts of a company is often the first victim.

However, for bosses who still do not know whether organizing a Christmas party has financial meaning, it should be noted that it is not essential to spend exorbitant sums to motivate employees and see the desired return on investment. If your budget is even smaller, even a simple change of scenery can have the desired effect.

Finally, an office party is not about the party itself: it is a representation of the meaning of employees for the organization. Just as we wanted to hear praise and encouragement in our childhood, your employees need positive reinforcement to make them feel appreciated.

Remember that a little effort can go very far and your main goal is to show that you have thought and made efforts in this direction, as it is an opportunity to really show how much value you and your company value your team and their work.

Happy Holidays!

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