Facebook Marketing: 5 tips to get the most out of your page

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Recently, changes to Facebook have reduced the visibility of the posts on your pages by fans. Now, the number of user interactions on the same page will determine whether Facebook believes that the user might be interested in your post.

It is therefore necessary to review how to publish on the platform in order to promote these exchanges and thus improve your visibility. Here are five useful tips to get there, courtesy of Outgo!

Get to know your target audience

marketing facebook persona Apprenez à connaître votre public cible

The first step in optimizing your professional Facebook page is to know who you are looking for! Who is viewing your page more? What are his interests? What does he like about your business? Many questions to answer that will help you create your attractive editorial line for your targeted audience. In this way, the content you post will appeal to more customers, while promoting sharing, likes, and interactions on your website.

Select Audience

marketing facebook Sélectionner son auditoireQuality rather than quantity! This motto applies particularly well to the field of online marketing. What we mean is that it's better to look for clicks and an audience that really likes your content rather than a lot of likes that doesn't or little interact with your brand. Because although the number of likes remains an important data in analyzing your online performance, it is not true of everything! When creating your Facebook page, this is where the number of likes counts most. The goal is to seek a user subscription threshold in order to generate maximum interaction, and therefore interest, towards your business.

To build its audience, Facebook offers a tool called the preferred page audience. This allows you to promote your page to the users most likely to be interested in it. Location, age, language and fields of interest are all parameters used with this tool and will help to better target your audience. However, in order not to restrict yourself to your potential clientele, it is essential to know your audience well. We can never repeat it enough!

Filter and vary your publications

marketing facebook Filtrer et varier ses publications

Another important aspect to optimize your business page is to filter and vary your publications. When you say vary, it's not just advertising different from your company. Instead, you need to vary the nature of your publication. Present informative or entertaining content! This changes the perennial advertising campaigns and gives users a reason to take a look at the news of your page. In general, online marketers recommend 80% informative or entertaining content versus 20% promotional content. It humanizes your business and promotes interaction.

With regard to distribution, Facebook allows you to choose who will be the user who will be able to view your publication. At first glance, this may seem futile, as a vast majority of companies will want their content to be viewed by as many users as possible. However, selecting the broadcast helps to avoid “negative feedback” from users who are more or less concerned with your post. For example, if you are promoting a skin cream, there is a good chance that the majority of your clients are female. So you could target women entirely during your advertising campaign and avoid spreading the post on male news feeds!

Publish at the best time

marketing facebook Publier au meilleur moment

In general, web specialists have identified several segments of hours where Internet users are more active. It would be Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, from 12 to 3 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday, between 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. It is in these hours that on a large scale, as many users are connected. However, your publication schedule must be tailored to the reality of your target audience. For example, if your business is for pregnant women or young men in their twenties, it may be very likely that the hours of activity differ because of very different schedules between these two audiences. It is therefore up to you to adapt your publications and schedule them for the hours that best suit the clientele you want to seduce.

Encourage interaction on your page

facebook marketing Inciter à l’interaction sur votre page

To encourage interaction between users, do not hesitate to make a public call at the end of your post. “And you, what do you think?” “Share and tell us in comments which article suits you best!” The important thing is to invite people to participate in the discussion. In addition, with the latest changes to the Facebook algorithm, some users may not be affected by your content. Be sure to remind those who follow you to subscribe to your page so you don't miss anything about everything your business has to offer. In this way, you will retain existing customers while increasing the visibility of your promotional content.

In addition to exchanges between users, it is important that your company itself be able to be included in these discussions while leaving the spotlight for exchanges between users. Feel free to reply to people in comments and use Messenger to respond directly to your potential customer. They will feel that you really care about their well-being and will feel more comfortable entering into a transaction with your company.

Finally, let your users give feedback on your services. You may receive reviews from dissatisfied customers, and it is probably those reviews that you should give maximum attention to. Try to understand what your customer disliked and how you could improve their experience. In this way, you will be able to analyze the situation and improve what has been lacking, if you think it is problematic. In addition, the response to this disgruntled customer will humanize you with the readers of these reviews and reduce the negative impact brought by criticism.

And you? How has your business adapted to the latest online consumer practices? Feel free to give us your opinion and share the article!

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