Optimize your SEO: Best practices to adopt in web writing

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Google is unequivocally the world's most popular search engine with more than 3.3 billion queries made daily. Google has far dominated the global search engine market with a market share of over 92% and nearly 30 trillion indexed pages.

Did you know that 91% of clicks on Google are on the first page of search and 70% to 77% of clicks are on the first 5 results?

Optimiser son SEO: Les bonnes pratiques à adopter en rédaction web

The goal for your business becomes very clear: to find yourself in the top ranks of the search lists associated with your keywords. Outgo now offers tips to help youoptimize your positioning using a low-cost technique: SEO.

SEO vs Paid SEO

Search engines offer 2 types of display, natural SEO and paid SEO.

SEO, also called SEO and SEO for search engine optimization, is a marketing discipline that aims to increase the visibility of your organization on search engines in a non-paid manner. SEO covers a range of elements such as keywords, site architecture, consumer behaviour, written content, links, HTML writing, trust index, and social media.

In contrast, Paid SEO, also known as PPC for “pay per click”, SEM for “search engine marketing” and sponsored links, results in textual advertising that appears when a user enters a given phrase on a search engine. It stands out for its “ad” label and is paid for by the advertiser.

Référencement naturel vs Référencement payant

Discover the most popular tips to optimize your Google positioning using SEO.

How to optimize your SEO

It is important to understand how Google SEO works in order to optimize the positioning of your website during search queries. Google's algorithm allows you to highlight sites with the highest indexing scores when searching for specific keywords. No one really knows exactly the criteria used by Google's algorithm. However, the following criteria have proven success among web marketers and have demonstrated their effectiveness over time.

Comment optimiser votre référencement naturel

Optimizing the architecture of your website

In order to give you a rank among the search engine results, Google analyzes the structure of your website first. This is also called thetree of your website and corresponds to thebrowsing paths that users will have to take on your site in order to reach the desired final page.

L’optimisation de l’architecture de votre site web

Website architecture is often overlooked, although it is one of the most crucial aspects of SEO performance. An efficient tree structure will improve the user experience. When a user likes a site, they tend to spend more time on the site when they visit it.

To improve the architecture of your website, try to reduce the number of tabs needed so that users reach the desired pages faster and easier. By improving the “skeleton” of your site, you will both allow users to enjoy their web experience more and you will get a higher score when indexing your site by Google.

Defining your website's target clientele

It's well known: knowing your target clientele makes it possible to establish more effective marketing strategies. To define your target clientele, creating personas can be a very good idea. Are they men or women? How old are they? What are their typical character traits?

Bien définir la clientèle cible de votre site web

Knowing who you are talking to will allow you to build and optimize your website according to the needs and expectations of your customers. As a result, your visitors will be more likely to enjoy browsing your website, or even convert more easily. In order to create personas, a multitude of applications and web tools exist. Make my persona by Hubspot is an excellent one!

Define keywords that can be used by your target audience

In order to optimize your SEO, try to identify strategic keywords that represent your products and services that can be used by your target audience. Carefully study your choice of words and evaluate the keywords used by your competitors. This will allow you to discover the keywords already coveted by your clientele more effectively.

In addition, tools such as Google Keyword Planner and Google Trends are very effective in identifying key words and phrases to put forward in order to optimize the SEO of your website.

Validate the quality of the content of your website


more high-quality content your website will have to present to users searching for keywords associated with your products and services, the more Google will give you a quality score that puts you in the top ranks of search results. It is also important to update your website regularly: it is both important for SEO and it is an excellent technique to build customer loyalty and bring it back to your website more frequently.

Validez la qualité du contenu de votre site web

It is also important to pay special attention to SEO when writing the content of your website. To improve your writing, identify key keywords for your organization and try to incorporate them as much as possible into your content. Feel free to use synonyms and enhance your content with different formats such as images, text, videos, animated GIFs, etc. to make the site more interactive and simplify communication and understanding of the message you want to convey to consumers.

The content written should be original (non-plagiarized) and contain information relevant to the reader. The more content you have relevant to the reader, the better your chances of getting a quality rank in your keyword searches.

Increase the frequency of publication of your blogs

A study by HubSpot showed that companies publishing more than 16 articles per month get 3.5 times more traffic than those publishing between 1 and 4. As simple as it may seem, the frequency and consistency of publications isone of the most important aspects of making a website appear higher in search results.

Augmenter la fréquence de publication de vos blogues

This is because Google prioritizes an active community. In addition, if your blogs are written around certain keywords specific to your target audience, you will be more likely to make yourself known by more visitors.

The importance of loading time

Despite your best wishes to offer creative content to your visitors, if the loading time of your web pages takes too long, you risk losing them quickly before they can even vaguate on your site. This can go a long way to increase the bounce rate of your web pages.

The bounce rate is a ratio that shows the percentage of users who have accessed only one page of your website before leaving. In general, a good rebound rate is considered to be relatively low.

L’importance du temps de chargement

Indeed, the higher the bounce rate, the lower the conversion rate for e-commerce sites. For example, it is most likely that a page with a load time of 2.4 seconds will have a conversion rate greater than a page with a load time of 4.2 seconds. The reason? Web users have been conditioned to web performance. As a result, they become more impatient to wait and are more likely to abandon their research if they fail to obtain the information they need quickly. So make sure you keep relatively low loading times!

In conclusion, SEO optimization of your website will allow you to increase your chances of appearing in the top ranks of search queries associated with your keywords. This SEO optimization strategy is a great, inexpensively, way to improve traffic on your website and ultimately improve the conversion rate of your target clientele.

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