Halloween: 9 tips to increase your sales

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Fantasy is on our doorstep with the arrival of the Halloween party and most marketers will tell you that your marketing planning should start right now!

Every year on Halloween, a considerable number of potential customers and a huge volume of sales are reported to e-commerce stores. Last year, in 2018, at the request of buyers, the annual amount of planned purchases was $8.9 billion.

Here are some good ideas to help you increase sales and build your brand reputation. So let's start!

Think of special Halloween emails

exemple courriel halloween Pensez aux courriels spéciaux d’Halloween

If you're not using email marketing yet, it's high time to get started! Create your models specifically for Halloween or use ready-made solutions to provide your customers with information on discounts and exclusive offers for this party.

Although there are still a few days before Halloween, you can advertise special offers for subscribers and post news on your website (besides, you can change it every time before that particular day it will increase the number of additional subscribers).

If you still think you're running out of time, use one of the email marketing services (for example, MailChimp) and collect as many emails as possible.

Create a page that will be optimal on mobile

emarketer chart Créez une page qui sera optimale sur mobile

The eMarketer study shows that an American adult spends about 3h43 a day browsing the Internet with their mobile devices.

Create a user-friendly mobile version of your website to compete with retailers who don't have one. With some time left before Halloween, you can start by creating a mobile-optimized thematic landing page, using one of the many free tools and renovating the entire site.

Again, this period is a good time to draw attention to your small business - use them intelligently!

Be Social: Take action on the ground

Create additional Halloween-themed activities to: collect content from your consumers for use in upcoming marketing campaigns, get additional followers on your social media pages, draw attention to your special offers, and increase brand awareness.

Add Halloween Designs to Your Website

While everyone decorates their premises with specific items, consider adding special banners for this party on your website. These can be either decorated navigation buttons, images promoting discounts, or links and redirecting to landing pages for Halloween or all of the above. You can also add a pop-up plug-in to your website to pay extra attention to your subscription.

Organize a remarketingcampaign

Organisez une campagne de remarketing

If there are consumers who are loyal to your brand but are not yet - now is the time to get them bought. Remarketing banners will allow you to bring traffic back and amplify the marketing channels you use.

Stream ads for consumers who have already visited your website - they are more likely to come back to make a purchase because they already know your brand. This method can be used with other marketing strategies, such as pay-as-you-go or direct ad purchase.

Create special Halloween packages

les gens cherchent plus pour halloween que pour noel

Halloween is a day when people buy small things as a gift - and packages count here. The more creative your package is - the more likely you will be chosen from the number of similar retailers.

Design multiple packages and offer product sets for Halloween, combining the best-selling items into special offers for Halloween. Several options are possible but, again, your imagination and creativity are the main factor in success.

Create a Halloween Video

Your video can be scary or funny, educational or entertaining (depending on the video marketing strategy you choose), but stay creative.

You can make a series of mini-videos explaining how to prepare for the Halloween party using products you sell or make an entertaining video showing the story of a Halloween costume, for example (if you sell in a fashion segment).

Nowadays, a good video requires little budget - you can film it with your smartphone and share it via social media.

Make a marketing campaign on Pinterest

Faire une campagne de marketing sur Pinterest

Pinterest is a great visual tool! If you collect visual content from your consumers on other social media platforms, consider showing (pin) it on Pinterest, combining it with your Halloween offers and ads.

According to Oracle's study, Pinterest consumers spend 29% more than those on other social networks. This site is another good tool for creating a successful e-commerce strategy.

Partnership with global actors

Now that the world is globalizing, more and more global brands are strategically considering recruiting new consumers through partnerships with small businesses.

Your company can bring fresh air to the well-known brand (as well as to new audiences) while making you known and known.

Hurry up!

The holiday season is coming! However, you can still jump on the train and take advantage of this season. Stay creative, personalized and start your marketing campaign now!

We hope that the ideas we shared with you will inspire and motivate you! Please share with us your Halloween marketing success stories! And wooo hooo, let's celebrate!

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