Halloween: 5 marketing ideas for your SME

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Halloween is the perfect time to attract more buyers to your branch office or website or social networks, implementing incredibly effective marketing ideas for small and medium businesses. In fact, according to the National Retail Federation, more than 35% of consumers search online for inspiration for scary themed costumes, decorations or party ideas. This party is therefore a golden opportunity to be discovered by swarms of potential customers.

But if you're worried that your company can't resist department stores that spend millions of dollars on marketing for Halloween, don't worry. This is the right time to test creative and unique marketing ideas that will suit your small business and encourage people to shop with you rather than the most popular and busy mass merchandise stores. Here are a few of them.

Halloween-er your products

halloween marketing pme Halloween-er vos produits

If your SME does not sell any Halloween-themed products, you may be wondering how you can increase your revenue at this time of year. But even if there's nothing wrong with your business, you can still customize your products for Halloween, or position your items in such a way to attract the most demanding buyers. For example, if you own a restaurant, offer desserts or themed drinks. For retail clothing, display some Halloween costume ideas based on your items.

Be sure to inform your customers of your new offers for the occasion by posting photos on social networks that will try them and convince them to stop at your store as soon as possible to take advantage of them.

Organize a “candy” hunting promotion online

halloween marketing pme Organiser une promotion de chasse aux « bonbons » en ligne

Strengthen user engagement and conversions by organizing an online event to hunt for “candy” (or bargains more explicitly). In this fun and fun way, you can invite shoppers to participate in your Halloween promotions from the comfort of their home and make shopping on your website an entertaining and rewarding experience.

This treasure hunt is a fun idea for buyers, but you can also send an email marketing campaign in which your customers have to choose between two secret offers to reveal if they receive a gift or treat, that is, a small discount or a larger discount. There are countless ways to turn your online promotions into more exciting Halloween experiences to capture customer attention.

Invite customers to pick up candy in the store

halloween marketing pme Inviter les clients à venir chercher des bonbons en succursale

What better way to increase the attendance of your company than tooffer free candy to young and old? Attach coupons or special offers to what you offer them to make sure their parents return to you even after the party ends.

You can also give sweets throughout the month preceding Halloween. Offering your customers a sweet treat can leave them with a positive view of your business. A small gift can go a long way and gives you the chance to meet your customers or give them a coupon or offer for their next visit.

For those who have their business mostly or only online, for each order placed, give the customer a small festive gift in their package that will please them and who knows, perhaps will make them want to do business again with you for the next party on the calendar.

Make your online presence festive

halloween marketing pme Rendez votre présence en ligne festive

Add a festive touch to your online presence and let the Halloween spirit take over your social media accounts, such as Facebook and Instagram, by posting Halloween-themed images and posts, which will attract many likes and lots of shares fromyour most popular followers in love with this gloomy party.

Also decorate your website for the occasion so that users accessing your homepage are filled with festive feelings and this will encourage them to buy. Simply add a Halloween-themed image that uses a phantasmagoric font and elements like pumpkins or cobwebs. Don't you want to hire a graphic designer? You can easily turn your usual website images into a terrifying image using a tool such as PicMonkey.

Organize a Halloween Costume Contest

halloween pme marketing Organisez un concours de costumes d'Halloween

Organizing a Halloween Costume Contest is a great way to encourage people to buy from your company. If you don't have a pigeon branch on the street, you can organize a costume contest on social networks while attracting a ton of engagement. In addition, adding an item you hold in store will create a passion for your products and buyers will be interested in seeing a little more

For example, the Texan theme park Kemah Boardwalk used Instagram to organize a contest of the most beautiful costume that gave its followers the chance to win weekly prizes or a fantastic grand prize.

You can run a contest that encourages people to submit photos of their Halloween costumes, or simply ask them to share your message or “tag” their friends for a chance to win a prize. Don't forget touse Halloween-themed hashtags to expand your reach and connect with a group of potential new customers.

These fun Halloween marketing ideas prove that your small business doesn't need to spend a fortune on hosting a festive event that will delight your customers and increase your revenue. Start preparing and planning your seasonal marketing campaign as soon as possible and you'll be a winner! To your pumpkins!

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