Black Friday: 7 marketing campaign ideas

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Two of the biggest shopping days of the year are on our doorstep: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Did you know that consumers should spend $717.5 billion on Black Friday? It's a little over $1,000 per client. In addition, companies recorded sales of $6.59 billion in last year's Cyber Monday day , making it the largest online shopping day of all time.

Email marketing is responsible for about one-fifth of sales between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday. So it's imperative that your campaigns get the attention of your followers in crowded inboxes. A strong holiday email marketing campaign will keep your brand in mind during a season when consumers are looking for deals and promotions to get value for their money.

Let's be honest: Businesses know how important email is to generate revenue in 2019. So most people plan to send emails to their customers and prospects at this time of year. How do I make your email stand out from all the offers your customers will receive between Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Don't panic. We share 7 of our best ideas for your Black Friday marketing and messaging campaigns to inspire you to create your most effective email campaign yet.

1. Create a gift guide

guide cadeau Black Friday: 7 idées de campagne marketing

Gift Guide-themed emails have a 48% higher transaction rate than purely promotional emails.

You can create a compelling gift guide using categories based on gender, price, or product color.

You can even be based on sustainability, such as “Gifts with Consciousness”, a material that will surely stand out because it is a unique idea.

In fact, it's important to make sure you're using object lines that attract attention for your gift guide emails, because your prospects are sure to receive so many offers.

2. Promote gift guide articles on social networks

Once you have created and send an email containing the gift guide to vs subscribers, consider showcasing your guide's products individually on social networks.

For example, if you create a “10 Gifts for $10” guide, mention each product in a separate article on social media, Instagram and Pinterest are perfect for image-centric marketing. Provide an image and link so that the customer can make their purchases quickly and easily.

Keep in mind that all your efforts for your email marketing are more successful when they support each other and work in tandem.

3. Offer hourly discounts online

count down offer amazon black friday cyber monday

On Cyber Monday, create offers that change every hour, which your subscribers can use.

For example, every hour for four hours, offer a special discount on a given product. A few days before Cyber Monday, send an email highlighting all offers, then automate emails to send them the hourly discount.

Just be sure to let subscribers choose to receive these emails and explain in advance that you will send more emails than usual on that day to avoid embarrassing others.

4. Giving Mystery Savings

Everyone loves a mystery, so why not incorporate it into your Black Friday offers? For example, send an email offering subscribers 10%, 20% or $50 discount. When a subscriber clicks the call to action, they are directed to a landing page with one of the offers listed above.

If you don't have the necessary features to get this website, encourage subscribers to visit your store and take their mystery savings in a hat or make a wheel that they can spin like in a casino.

5. Give a gift with purchase

Consider giving your subscribers a free gift with a purchase.

Make it something small but useful; this stressful time of year gives you the opportunity to prove how valuable you value your customers by offering something to improve their holidays and make them a little easier.

For example, you can offer something that has a holiday theme, such as a free card, a cookie cutter or an ornament, or you can give one of your smallest items as a gift. To increase traffic to your store, ask subscribers to print or show the email and bring it to claim the gift.

6. Subscription offers for your newsletter

black friday newsletter Offres d’inscription à votre info-lettre

Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, your website will see a lot of extra traffic.

Take advantage of this traffic by offering a predefined themed offer to anyone who subscribed to your email mailing list. For example, “Sign up for our newsletter and get an exclusive Black Friday deal ” or “Sign up for our newsletter and be the first to know about exclusive holiday offers”.

You don't have a mailing list? Get Started with Mailchimp!

7. Offers for loyal customers

While you can certainly offer Black Friday and Cyber Monday offersto all your subscribers, you should consider offering an exclusive offer to your most loyal subscribers.

Check your contact list, segment your most committed readers, and give them something great as a thank you for their loyalty. After all, the holiday season isn't just about earning all the money you can. You also want to take a moment to thank them for being a friend and show them that you value them more than for their money.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer exceptional offers to your subscribers. However, a bargain is not simply an astronomical reduction. Your followers will respond to unique ideas such as gifts with purchase, offers for loyal customers and holiday themed social events. Be creative and have fun and you will be on the road to a successful season.

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