Initiation to Parent & Child Climbing

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About the experience

The first climbing centre on the south shore of Quebec City offers more than 35 boulder courses and 25 climbing routes for moulinette and first rope climbing. Thanks to its location, L'Accrché offers climbers everything they need for a successful climbing trip. Its offer is suitable both for beginners and experienced climbers. Good weather or bad weather, you will climb in the best conditions thanks to a large glazing that lets in the sun and an air conditioning system guaranteeing optimum temperature. L'Accrché offers extraordinary climbing routes that guarantee you to take on challenges, have fun and surpass yourself. Good climb!

This experience offers

  • One hour initiation for 1 to 4 people with a monitor
  • Map of 10 entrances to blocks and lanes for adults
  • Map of 10 entrances to children's blocks and lanes
  • Equipment rental for 1 month for 2 people
  • 50% Off Moulinette Training: This training aims to ensure that your climbing practice is safe for you and others

Fine prints

  • Possibility to invite up to 2 people for the introductory course
  • 14 years and older to follow the training moulinette
  • What to bring: Comfortable and appropriate clothing, sports shoes (sneakers for climbing)