Duo - Set of 2 linen napkins + Inuit herbal tea discovery box

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This duo includes 2 products: the oven mitt by Confetti Mill and the gourmet selection trio by Miss Marmelades.

Set of 2 linen napkins by Confetti Mill

These reusable linen napkins are a zero waste alternative for anyone wanting to reduce their ecological footprint. Whether for your everyday use or for special occasions, decorate your table with ease.

  • Color: forest green
  • 100% Oeko-tex certified linen
  • Made in Montreal
  • 41 x 41 cm (16 x 16 in)

      Inuit herbal tea discovery box by Délice Boréal Northern Delights

      This assortment of 35 tea bags includes 7 tea bags of 5 different blends.

      Blend 1 - With Labrador Tea (Mamaittuqutik): A calming and invigorating blend of Labrador tea, bearberry, peppermint, coltsfoot and fennel seed.

      Blend 2 - With blackberry (Arpiqutik): Subtle and reminiscent of maple, with blackberry leaves and roasted dandelion roots.

      Blend 3 - With Juniper (Qisiqtutauyak): A memorable delight, this golden recipe with juniper helps clear ideas. This beautiful golden-colored herbal tea emits a reassuring scent of lemon-mint mixed with echinacea, red clover flower, lemongrass and more.

      Blend 4 - With black crowberry (Pauranagaqutik): This blend has an intense color which comes from black crowberry, hibiscus flower, juniper berries and poppy flowers, giving it its spicy and refreshing taste.

      Blend 5 - Arctic Blend (Ukiurtatuq): This blend releases all the concentrated smell and flavor of Arctic Blend. It contains echinacea leaves and little Labrador tea. It is blended with peppermint leaves, elderflower and chamomile flowers, cinnamon, ginger, cloves and coltsfoot leaves.

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