Courses, Workshops & Activities in Quebec

Find the best activities to live or give as a gift in Quebec! Choose from a multitude of unique packages, gift ideas and experiences that are completely tailor-made, offered by our local partners and merchants. You do not know what to choose, but you want to indulge yourself or give an unforgettable gift? OUTGO offers you the only packages and gift cards with no expiration date for all our courses, workshops and activities.

When you enjoy yourself, there is no limit, so let yourself be tempted by one or more OUTGO gift packages. Whether you're looking for romantic getaways, gourmet outings to satisfy your taste buds, adrenaline adventures or relaxing and relaxing moments, you'll find the perfect gift with OUTGO. Browse the entire section of courses, workshops and activities and find such wonderful excursions as each other.

Rather relaxing, you want to enjoy a break to forget everything? To relax, nothing better than yoga. Yes traditional yoga or warm yoga helps the mind and body, but at OUTGO we also offer you a slightly less conventional but equally good yoga. Have you heard about Yoga on paddle board in the pool? It's a surprising moment of relaxation. It takes a little balance, but don't be afraid it's very relaxing and it will inevitably put a beautiful smile on your face. You're looking for a gift card to give, it works too.

Nature is a hamlet of peace and we know it well. With many different excursions and activities, you'll find a shoe at your foot, and in this case, it's probably a cowboy boot. With our equestrian range, become a cowboy for a day or enjoy shows and equestrian activities, a great original gift!

Quebec is the country of winter. With our gift packages, discover snowy trails, white fir trees and pristine nature on dog sledding, with a cute hitch, a Nordic ski ride and much more. Fan of unexpected discoveries? So choose our bike tours on the Île d'Orléans, a visit to a vineyard or a game of mini-golf, and if you can't choose, gift cards are ideal at all times!

Sportsman for a day, we offer you sports and fun experiences, just for a day or a few hours. Bubble ball, Dodge bow for your inner Katniss, parachute jumping for adventurers and lovers of extreme, our experiences are most unusual.

In need of sport and nature at the same time, go horseback riding or kayaking, not forgetting bike or e-bike tours to discover the nooks of the Île d'Orléans. Need to get back in shape? Our experts have also won unique CrossFit packages, outdoor training, dancing and even Yogini. Because a holy spirit in a holy body is the basis.

With Outgo, you can even climb up (literally) with our offer of balloon, hang gliding and even virtually becoming a day-flying pilot. And don't forget to please your entourage with our gift boxes and gift cards.

Activities, classes and classes are also the best way to connect a team. In summer, as in winter, choose from our range of activities for businesses. Your employees will be closer, teamwork will be done quite naturally. Good mood at work is synonymous with success!

All OUTGO experiences are unique and, above all, carefully selected and tested by our team of experts. Proud of our beautiful province, all our partners are local traders; they are reliable, friendly, and will make you live unforgettable moments. With OUTGO, all your experiences are valid at all times, there is no deadline or expiration date.

With OUTGO, you have access to a multitude of quality choices. Let yourself be inspired by our offers, we are sure that you will find the ideal experience, gift or activity that deserves to be lived for you or your loved ones!

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