10 restaurants to discover on your next trip to Montreal

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If there is one difficult thing in Montreal, it is choosing a restaurant when you have no specific ideas or desires. That's why the Outgo team offers 10 trendy restaurants in Montreal that are decadent, including 3 of them that are available in experience!

Hunting Gallery

chasse galerie 10 restos à découvrir lors de votre prochaine virée à Montréal

A restaurant with eclectic cuisine, freely inspired by flavours and textures from here and abroad. A must for food lovers, the Chasse-Galerie is THE restaurant to adopt! Located on St-Denis Street in Montreal, it will charm you with its tasting plates and its friendly atmosphere.

An amalgam of travel memories, some exalted others imbued with nostalgia, revealed by aromas very well from home. Close ties established with local producers for a gastronomy that is both refined but accessible. All carried out by a friendly, unpretentious atmosphere.


toqué 10 restos à découvrir lors de votre prochaine virée à Montréal

Restaurant Toqué! The fine cuisine of chef Normand Laprise, will leave you without a word, with the desire to ask again. Pioneer ofa cuisine made of local and seasonal products , Toqué! is today synonymous with gastronomy rooted in Quebec and its surroundings that draw from fields, rivers, ocean and forests.

This fabulous restaurant is based on the cuisine of the market where local products are showcased. To do this, they decided to rely on close relationships with small producers and on product traceability at a time when these concepts were not yet put forward. A visit not to be missed!

Public House

maison publique 10 restos à découvrir lors de votre prochaine virée à Montréal

Maison Publique is a restaurant located in the heart of the Plateau Mont-Royal that looks like a traditional British pub. Owner Chef Derek Dammann, who worked for Jamie Oliver at the first edition of the Fifteen in Islington, London, offers you a menu within the scope of a true English gourmet pub.

The dishes are hearty, comforting and always generous. Expect dishes like fried rabbit, pork and clams, foie gras parfait and Eton apple mess, sometimes the fish comes directly from Gaspé or the North Coast! The Canadian wine list is one of the best in the city and weekend brunch is a classic. It's a date!

The St-Urbain

st-urbain 10 restos à découvrir lors de votre prochaine virée à Montréal

For those who do not hesitate to travel for a good meal: Le St-Urbain de Marc-André Royal. One of the best restaurants in Montreal, this somewhat off-centre restaurant is definitely worth a visit with its elegant dishes and an honest and inspiring wine list composed largely of private imports.

It serves a modern cuisine inspired by the seasons, both sought-after and comforting, made from market products, often organic, that encourage those from the Quebec region. The tasting menu and the food and wine pairings are a great way to discover the flavors of the products and the talent of the team. The atmosphere is sexy, the clientele is jazzled, everything is there to have a good time.

The Assomor

assomoir 10 restos à découvrir lors de votre prochaine virée à Montréal

The restaurant and bar located in the heart of Old Montreal offers a most often overflowing atmosphere that encourages a certain conviviality. Double personality obliges, the map of theAssommoir ratises wide.

Those who come here especially for a drink will appreciate the excellent selection of cocktails and other drinks offered. On the kitchen side, we offer you frank and authentic flavors that you will love to share. Passionate chefs offer you a slate every month inspired by the terroir and the freshness of the arrivals.

The Hunting and Fishing Club

club chasse et pêche 10 restos à découvrir lors de votre prochaine virée à Montréal

Le Club Chasse et Pêche is one of those few restaurants that, with each visit, transport you to a parallel universe. The decor is chic and gives an impression of exclusivity, the menu is short and everything is successful, there isno room here for the half-measure. The map was created around hunting and fishing, always showing some fish, poultry and red meat, often game. Even though some of the house's classics have never left the menu, it remains very lively.

The restaurant is one of the best restaurants with Quebec cuisine in Montreal. They offer you classic and relevant wines for every occasion, always with the aim of making you discover wines in harmony with your choice of dishes and according to your ambitions.

We especially love this house for its creativity, for its intimate atmosphere that invites comfort, as well as for its original and tasty menu. All the tours are here most memorable.

Wolf Heart

coeur de loup 10 restos à découvrir lors de votre prochaine virée à Montréal

Vianney Godbout and the Gang du Chasse Galerie opens the doors toa new address in Rosemont that will give you the water in your mouth. Located on Bélanger Street and beautifully named after the dance song that often played in the 90s parties, the leader Fabrizzia Rollo, well known on the show Les Chefs on Radio Canada, wants to bring you to a simple pleasure with her seasonal cuisine and love sailing between Mediterranean Italy and Quebec.

The menu of the Heart of Wolf is composed of à la carte items and sharing plates. Each dish is an adventurous version of a classic French bistro dish; the more adventurous can feast on peanut butter and jelly foie gras or caesar beef tartare. Let's bet you won't want to share!


inferno 10 restos à découvrir lors de votre prochaine virée à Montréal

Montreal's Inferno restaurant is located in the heart of Little Italy, on St. Dominique Street. You will be delighted by this charming restaurant: beams on the ceiling, wooden tables, antique photos and checkered towels, the decor is just as warm as the service.

The cuisine of the market varies greatly according to the seasons, but its Mediterranean authenticity does not weaken. The generous antipasto, the zucchini flowers stuffed with ricotta, the smoked salmon on site are safe values. Homemade fresh pasta and risotto are full of good flavours, as well as meat dishes with richly prepared sauces . Keep a small place for a tiramisu or exemplary brownies.

The Fricot

fricot 10 restos à découvrir lors de votre prochaine virée à Montréal

This friendly Acadian canteen transports us to the bottom of the river. Lobster cages, fishing nets and shellfish lights dominate the premises with rustic-modern looks. Chef Alain Gauvin and restaurateur Simon Dunn, both from New Brunswick, receive us as if we were a member of their family, warmly and unpretentious.

On the menu: iconic cuisine from home with a subtle Montreal influence. The dishes offered offer a return to sources focused on accessibility, both in terms of flavours and prices. The house also offers a festive formula, such as a tasting menu, where the chef selects a few dishes that share well.

The beautiful surprise? The wine list developed by Karine Leblanc, which mainly includes private imports of Canadian vineyards, including small jewels from Nova Scotia.

The Flamingo

flamant 10 restos à découvrir lors de votre prochaine virée à Montréal

This trendy new address on HoMa Ontario Street East is a happy blend of creative fine cuisine and casual ambience. Why “The Flamingo”? Because of all the ideas that flashed, the reference to the bird invoked a comic charm, the grace that bumps to ridicule: an interesting abstraction that self-defines the dynamic team. The address draws its irresistible charm from the discrepancy between the high-end gastronomy offered there and the unpretentious side of the place.

The menu varies according to the inspirations of the chefs and borrows influences from around the world, from Quebec to Japan. The house also offers a Sunday brunch menu that is undoubtedly successful. We promise you beautiful, sometimes daring, culinary surprises.


is no shortage of choices when you want to take a small outing to get out of the routine and/or avoid doing dishes! For your part, have you discovered a restaurant or you can't stop spending your Friday night there?

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