Facebook Advertising: The 5 Best Practices for SMEs

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On average, Facebook has more than 1.4 billion active users every day — from CEOs to students and businesses. And while the community is clearly present, connecting with them from a marketing point of view is not always as simple, even with Facebook ads.

For brands, publishing on Facebook is no longer enough — especially for those that are beginning. Of course, you can spend money and effort to bring people to your Facebook page, which will logically send them to your website but it only works if you put your intelligence to use it.

For example, you can create Facebook ads that are optimized for the right target audience. Optimized ads can help you use your PPC budget wisely and generate a positive ROI.

So, what does Facebook Optimized Advertising really look like? If you're looking for excellent examples, you're in the right place. In this article, we will quickly review best practices in terms of Facebook ads.

5 Best Practices for SMB Facebook Ads.

1. An attractive visual

Visual content is not only treated more favourably in the Facebook algorithm, but it is also more likely to be shared and remembered than written content. The lesson for marketers on Facebook? No matter what type of ad you create, your image should be visually appealing.

2. Content relevant to your audience

facebook ads Du contenu pertinent à votre audience

Relevance is essential to success when using Facebook advertising. Remember that you spend money when someone sees or clicks your ad (depending on the settings you use). If you run ads that don't match your target audience, you're wasting your time and money, and you're probably not going to be successful with any kind of advertising.

In February 2015, Facebook launched a feature on the Facebook advertising platform that evaluates your ads and gives you a relevance score, similar to the ad ranking in Google AdWords. The more relevant your ad image, ad copy, and landing page to your target audience, the higher your score — and the more Facebook will treat your ads favorably.

3. Inclusion of a mouth-watering value proposition

facebook ads ecommerce Inclusion d’une proposition de valeur alléchante

A value proposition tells the reader why they should click on your ad to learn more about your product. How is your product or service different from others? Why should the reader click on your ad to see your website?

Your value proposition will need to be credible on your Facebook ad.

For example, saying that you have the best sandwiches in the world will not bring people to your business page, but may offer a 20% discount. Or maybeadding social proof and/or community feedback will help - something like: “Sandwiches loved by more than a million people every year! Come and try yours today and get 20% off your order with this coupon.”

4. Call to Action or Hang

A beautiful and relevant ad is great, but without a Call to Action (CTA), your reader might not know what to do next. Add a CTA to your Facebook ad such as “Buy Now and Save X%” or “Offer Ends Soon” and add a sense of urgency to your reader. Your CTA should encourage people to click on your ad right away.

5. Use GIFs in your ads

Common sense says that the shorter a video, the easier it is to keep prospects hung on your page. In fact, statistics say the same about Facebook ads :

This falls into the GIF category. Why make a 5 minute video to tell your brand's story when you can get the reaction you're looking for in less than 10 seconds? GIF files exist in the space between images and videos.

These are essentially very short videos that take place in a loop, but do not require much time and resources. They must be simple and subtle but sufficient to attract the attention of your target audience.

Do Facebook ads work for SMEs?

facebook ads vs tv stat

The answer is simple, yes they work very well. And the facts speak for themselves. If you look around, you'll find all major social networks (such as Twitter and LinkedIn) with their own native advertising system. And yet none of them can provide the kind of results Facebook achieves.

This is mainly because Facebook:

  • Has the most robust features for advertisers who want to get value for their money.
  • Has the most advanced tools to target the right type of users.
  • Has detailed information about what works and what doesn't work, so you can improve your campaign.

It simply shows that Facebook is there to stay and that its advertising system is what your business needs, especially when you're starting out. No wonder the number ofadvertisers on Facebook is looking for advertising tips on Facebook is growing by leaps and bounds.

Sponsored link campaigns may seem overwhelming, but these Facebook advertising tips can make the process a little easier and much more efficient. Each of these tips will help you use the advertising system in the same way as professionals, achieve a high return on investment, reduce advertising costs and increase conversion rates that you will find only at professional agencies and consultants.

For your part, what are the best strategies deployed by your team or yourself on Facebook? Open the discussion as a comment!

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