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Nowadays, it seems essential to learn about new trends in online commerce in order to adjust its current practices on social media. To do this, Outgo brought together the 5 web trends to watch in 2019 according to Hootsuite, a global leader in social media marketing.

After surveyed more than 3000 client organizations, here are the main findings of their report and how to adjust for the end of the year.

Loss of trust in social media

After the personal data sharing scandal with political analyst Cambridge Analytics, there is no doubt that public opinion towards Facebook took a hit. 60% of users surveyed in a 2018 study even claimed they lost confidence in all social media! As a web company, it is our duty to restore this lost trust in social media by fostering a quality and transparent engagement with our users. How? Creating and sharing content deemed authentic by the consumer and encouraging continued interaction.

Show that you're human! This will help reduce the loss of trust in the social network while improving your corporate image. How do I get there? Create a brand hashtag for Instagram that matches your values! Something eye-catching that will motivate and bring your web community together while putting forward who you are as businesses rather than selling a product. Bring your users together by participating in or initiating Twitter chats or creating a Facebook group on a topic related to your business. This will keep in touch with your target clientele while ensuring that you are up to date with the latest trends they are looking for!

Use new content sharing formats

According to the marketing strategy consultant, stories, the content sharing format launched by Snapchat, grow 15 times faster than newsfeed shares with Facebook's new algorithm. The leaders of the social network even believe that stories will go beyond news feeds and become the main mode of sharing with friends in 2019! It's up to you to board the train! Almost a billion users on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat already use these stories to share their moments.

In addition, the stories are a great embodiment of the change in the way we consume media among our users. Simple and effective, they allow you to snap a moment on the go while being visual, interactive and creative. As they are ephemeral, the user also feels more confident to share what they want to share without harming their long-term web image. How to do it? Start by testing these new features and trying to create something that represents your business, while responding to the aesthetics that you expect from a story. Try to capture a striking moment in the heat of action with your phone upright (people consume stories this way). Also use the Highlight feature to keep the stories you love for more than 24 hours. Finally, be creative! Consumers are now browsing an ocean of web content. It's up to you to stand out!

Increase in Paid Advertising Competition

The statistics collected by Hootsuite on the increase in advertising competition on the web over the past year speak for themselves; one in four Facebook pages now use paid advertising, while the advertising budgets of these same companies are up 32%. Facebook already accounts for 23% of total digital advertising spending in the US!

This increase in competition limits the ROI of advertising spending and forces companies to focus more on their clientele and the period in which their advertising is broadcast. How do I get there? Get to know your audience based on these interests, their profession and previous interactions with your brand. Set goals and metrics that will allow you to judge the results of your advertising campaign. For a company that sells a product via social media, clicks and conversion rates can be good indicators of your campaign success. Finally, invest in original, quality advertising content. Again, this is a good way to stand out and provoke a sharp reaction on the part of the consumer.

Development of e-commerce channels

Improving e-commerce technologies on social networks ultimately leads to results after several years of expectations. Facebook has integrated its Marketplace feature, now used in 70 countries by more than 800 million users. The Shopping feature of Instagram posts now offers people the opportunity to buy recently discovered products directly from Instagram. As for Pinterest, 55% of customers use it to discover new products. Although each social network has its own peculiarities, it now seems essential for companies present on the web to integrate its new channels in order to maximize their profitability.

Customizing the message to the consumer

One of the main trends at the beginning of 2019 is the consumer's requirement for personalised interactions with companies present on the web. Major messaging applications now have nearly 5 billion active users per month. This is much more than the community on traditional social networks! Increasingly, users are moving from the public sphere to the private sphere. We are moving away from traditional Facebook posts to discuss more about messaging applications.

To this end, brands must now adapt and offer a personalized response to potential customers wanting to interact with them. In 2018, a study conducted by Facebook found that 69% of participants felt more confident with a brand if they could send them instant messages. It is therefore essential to attract this clientele who is interested in the company by offering unparalleled customer service.

How do I get there? Activate Facebook Messenger on your business page and redirect requests to your company's customer service. This will also reduce the burden of requests received by email or telephone. Set up bots or wizards in applications for frequently asked questions. Very useful in order to respond quickly to non-specific customer requests!

Not always Easy to follow these trends and offer the best services on the web? Do not hesitate to contact our team to learn more about the benefits of the Outgo platform and how to set up an online store!

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