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Outgo Electronic Consent Agreement

Electronic consent -  Outgo Web Services (OWS)

Last updated: February 8, 2021

 Outgo Web Services Inc. (OWS) and its third party service providers (“  Outgo Web Services (OWS) may need to provide you with communications, notices, agreements, billing statements or written information (“Communications”) regarding their products and services (the “Services”). Your acceptance of this electronic consent confirms your ability and consent to receive communications electronically rather than on paper, and to use electronic signatures in our relationship with you (this “consent”). If you choose not to accept this consent or if you withdraw your consent during your subscription, we may decide to restrict your use of our services.

Transmission of communications electronically and use of electronic signatures

Pursuant to this consent, (OWS) Outgo Web Services may transmit its communications to you electronically, by email, by text message or by making them accessible through (OWS) Outgo Web Services websites or applications . These communications include, but are not limited to, (1) policies and agreements  required to use our services (e.g. this consent, the (OWS) Outgo Web Services Privacy Policy, the General Terms of Service, and the (OWS) Outgo Web Services Partner Agreement), (2) the payment authorizations and transaction receipts or confirmations, (3) account statements and histories, and (4) federal and state tax statements and tax documents. We may also use electronic signatures and ask you to do the same.

Transmission of a paper copy of communications

You can request a paper copy of your agreements or any agreements. To obtain a hard copy at no charge, please open a support ticket at https://support.outgo.com , specifying which  communication you wish to receive by post.

Withdrawal of consent to receive electronic communications

At any time you can  withdraw your consent to receive electronic communications by writing to https://support.outgo.com . However, withdrawing your consent to receive electronic communications may result in termination of your access to our Services. Any withdrawal of your consent will be effective after a reasonable period of processing your request.

Updating your email address

You can change your email address by writing to https://support.outgo.com or change it yourself at https://claim.outgo.com .

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